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  1. Japanese Acrylic Ink Prints by Fred A. Fimio

    Grouping Entitled:

  2. "The Greatest Close Combat Fighters in the World" 

  3. Definitely for the discriminating collector: Six different full colour scenes of

    Samurai in close order combat never seen before, using different weapons.

    In limited Edition of 50 each, signed and number by the artist.

    Available in three sizes:

  4. 5 x 7 for $25.00 cdn/each

    8 x 10 for $50.00 cdn/each

  5. 14 x 17 for $100.00 cdn/each

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  • This is a limited Edition Issue.  Unattainable Anywhere Else
  • DO NOT be disappointed.  Order yours NOW!

Pricing: 5 x 7 = $25.00 cdn/ea. 8 x 10 = $50.00 cdn/ea. 14 x 17 = $100.00 cdn/ea.
Shipping and packaging depends on destination and quantity       
About the Artist:

Fred Fimio is primarily a collector of Japanese Samurai Art and Antiquities. He is also author of several books on that subject. Occasionally he dabbles in painting. 

While collecting antique Japanese Woodblock prints, Fred was disappointed to not be able to find prints of Samurai in close personal combat. There just weren't any to be found, so he invested his time into creating his own. 

Acrylic Ink was chosen as the medium because of the fine work required to do justice to the silk braiding which formed the greater part of the Samurai armor.

Shipping and packaging depends on destination and quantity       
  • Please send Postal Money Order, Bank Draft or PayPal made payable to: Fred Fimio at:

39 Hodgson Drive, Barrie, ON  L4N 7Z2  CANADA.