~~It was used in the defence of ports, bridges, dockyards and other war related facilities. Total production is estimated at around 2000 muskets but records indicate 827 or so delivered of these. I have only seen 14 in original condition.

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Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD)

A massive piece capable of withstanding extensive use in the field. The grips are staghorn and retained by two screws. The metal parts of the hilt are either nickel plated steel. The black steel scabbard has upper and lower nickel plated steel fittings with the RAD emblem engraved on the lower fitting. The heavy steel blade with a narrow groove was bolo-shaped and designed for field use. A quote from a June 1936 article appearing in Die Klinge stores, "Desinged in conformance with their activity is the broadknife of the Reich Labor Service. It is not only an ornament, but also a tool for the cultivation of our soil. As both a tool and a weapon, it symbolizes the objective of the Labor Service: 'New Land for our people, a new people for our land!'"

Accouterments: Hanger: Large leather hanger of two patterns. The earlier pattern was a leather strap and buckle, while the latter pattern was constructed with a large leather protective shield and a metal fastener that snapped directly on the hanger bar of the scabbard.