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#NZ145- Luftwaffe 1st Model

Kurt Ebener


Kurt Ebener was born on 4 May 1920 at Könitz in the Saalfeld region of Thüringen. Ebener joined the Luftwaffe on 17 November 1939. On 1 December 1941, Ebener was posted to JG 3 based on the Eastern front. Unteroffizier Ebener was assigned to 4/JG3. In spring 1942, he flew missions over Malta and North Africa before relocating back to the Eastern front. He recorded his first initial victories on 23 May, when he shot down two Russian I-61 fighters. Ebener recorded his 10th victory on the 30th of July and his 20th victory on the 17th of December. From mid December until mid January 1943, Ebener operated from within the Stalingrad pocket. In the most difficult of combat conditions, Ebener was to excel. In four weeks of fighting, he claimed 35 victories including five enemy aircraft shot down on the 19th of December, to record his 23rd through 27th victories and four on the 30th of December (34-37). Ebener emerged as the leading German fighter pilot of the Stalingrad battle.

On the first of March 1943, Ebener was transferred to Erganzungs-Jagdgruppe Ost to undertake a spell of instructing. He had fifty-two victories to his credit at this time. On the 7th of April, 1943, Ebener was awarded the Knight's cross, the highest award of the nation and promoted to the rank of Liutenant. 

On March 31, 1944, Ebener was transferred to 5/JG 11. On the 15th of July, he was appointed staff Captain of 5./JG11 based on the invasion front. In August, Ebener claimed 5 USAAF fighters shot down. On the 23rd of August 1944, Ebener was shot down in aerial combat with USAAF fighters southeast of Paris in Bf 109 G-14 (W.Nr. 89- 667) "Black 2".

Ebener baled out badly wounded to become a prisoner of war. In January 1945 due to the severity of his wounds, he was repatriated. Both of Ebener's brothers serving as officers in the German army, were killed on the Eastern front. Ebener died on 7th May 1975 at Fischbach in Taunus as a consequence of the wounds he received.