~~It was used in the defence of ports, bridges, dockyards and other war related facilities. Total production is estimated at around 2000 muskets but records indicate 827 or so delivered of these. I have only seen 14 in original condition.

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Diplomatic Dagger

Year Adopted - 1938


The metal fittings were finished in a silver-plate or gold plate depending upon the wearer's rank. The stylized eagle head pommel and hilt backplate are cast in a single piece. The grips are simulated mother-of-pearl over a wood base. Each of the hilt parts, including the wood base and cross-guard, are internally stamped with a production number. The design of the crossguard features a national emblem with outstretched wings. The head of the eagle faces to its left, opposite direction of the eagle head pommel. The blade and scabbard are identical to the Army dagger with one minor modification, the scabbard bands consist of two bands of imbricating oak leaves.

Accouterments: Hanger - a double strap, detachable fabric hanger constructe of silver facing sewn to black velvet backs. The hanger buckles are rectangular and resemble the 1937 Lufwaffe pattern buckles in design. Gold wash hanger fittings are uterlize with the gold finished dagger.

Portepee 16.5" with a smaller than normal acorn.

Collector Availability: VERY RARE.

These daggers were authorized for selected members of the foreign ministry.