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#245-03- Echizen-Ju Harima Daijo

Fujiwara Shigetaka

1600 - 1624



Fujiwara Shigetaka was born in Tida, Shinshu province. When he came of age, he travelled to Seki to become a famous swordsmith.

After a few years along with his Master Kanenori, he accepted an invitation from Lord Asakura and his clan and moved to Ichijodani, in Echizen province. Later Shigetaka was awarded for his skill the title of Harima Daijo (Lord of Harima) Shigetaka swords are awarded the title of O-Wazimao (very sharp).

Along with is province, title and signature of this sword, the following is carved into the Tang (Nanbantetsu Wo-Motte Kore-Wo tsukuru) This sword was made with foreign steel from Portugal or Spain, produced a more durable and better cutting performance resulting in the O-Wazimono designation. A really very sharp and sturdy blade. The sword has been awarded the NBTHK Hozon certificate. It also has been freshly polished.