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#100 - Luftwaffe 1st Model 1934

The Dagger was adopted from the Luftsportverband (DLV) dagger. The metal fittings of both the hilt and the scabbard were initially constructed of nickel silver, while later production models were constructed of polished aluminum. The wooden grip and scabbard are covered in a dark blue leather. The grooved handle is wrapped with gold coloured diagonal wire. The circular screw-on-pommel features a brass pinwheel swastika that matches the configuation of the swastika uterlized on both sides of the down-swept crossguard. The double edged blade is plain and 12 1/4 inches in length. The upper and center external scabbard fittings are complete with swivel rings to accommodate the chain hanger. The Luftwaffe sidearms were designed to "reveal the new spirit of our era of simplicity, linearity, and plainess."

WWII Airforce Dagger First Model

Issued: 1934

Length: 18.9 inches

Hanger: Chain

Portepee: Silver (Flyers Only)

Price $2,500.00